Review Policy

Review Policy (as of January 6, 2012):

Thank you for considering The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf to review your book(s).  I really appreciate the opportunity.  Also, thank you for stopping by my blog in the first place. :)


Here on The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf I am very selective about the genre’s I will accept for review.  So books in ONLY the following genre’s will be considered:

  • YA
  • Mystery/Thrillers/Suspense
  • Romance – Historical, Contemporary, Suspense, Paranormal
  • Erotica
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopia
  • Westerns


  • Bound Books
  • ARC’s/Galleys
  • E-Books (.pdf and .epub formats only)

At this time I only accept self-published novels on a limited basis.  I do accept Independently Published novels but I will be very selective.


I am also interested in posting Press Releases on the blog if they are about a book(s) in any of the genre’s that I review.  These Press Releases will be listed under my “News from the Shelf” posts.

I am also willing to host giveaways for books in the genre’s that I review.  I DO NOT need to read and review your book(s) in order for the giveaway to take place.

I am also open to guest posts, author interviews, blog tours, etc.

Where will my reviews be posted?

In addition to the blog, I post my reviews on mainly. NOTE: If you would like my review of your book to be posted anywhere else please include this information in your review request.

What additional information do I include in my reviews?

  • Book Cover
  • Synopsis
  • Author web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.)
  • A link to purchase book on, Barnes and and
  • Rating
  • The Actual review 
  • Book Trailer – if it is available

Will I review every book that I receive for review?

If I am able to read the book in its entirety it will be reviewed.  If I am unable to finish a book or I’m not able to get far enough into a book to feel comfortable writing a review, it will not be reviewed.

Can I promise a date a review will be posted by?

At this time I can honestly say no.  Unless there is a date made in the initial review request.  ARC’s – I promise to do my best to get the book read and review posted before or within 3 days of the books release.


Please feel free to email me at  (My real name is Jamie please include this in your request) with the following information in your request:

~ In the subject line please put “Submitting Book for Review – Title”
The Book’s Title
~ Format (paperback, hardcover, ARC, Galley, E-book)
~ Synopsis
~ Genre
~ Release Information
~ If you are interested in doing a guest post, author interview, giveaway or other type of promotion.
~ Any specific place you want the review posted other than on Goodreads.
~ Author’s web presence
~ Link to book trailer – if available


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