Discussion Post ~ Why I PREFER readers to followers

Confession time!  I used to blog on Blogger.  Do you want to know why I left that particular format?  Drum roll please…..I LEFT blogger because of the GFC Follower widget.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I LEFT a blogging format because of one little widget.  But apparently, that 1 little widget packs a powerful punch with certain individuals not only in the blogging community itself but also in the publishing world.

I didn’t like the math of the whole situation.  I had something like 300+ followers and I was only getting 1 or 2 comments on a post if I was lucky.  That is NOT why I blog.  I blog because I LOVE books and I want to actually have a discussion with my readers.  I’m still working on getting my reviews and discussion posts to a place where they encourage MORE discussion but I’m headed in the right direction I think.

Now that I’ve moved to wordpress, I feel I have a little more freedom.  I feel like I’ve liberated myself from the ever-present GFC Follower widget. This is also about the time that I realized that I prefer blog READERS (people who read my blog and take the time to comment) to blog FOLLOWERS.  Now this post isn’t about telling other bloggers how to run their blogs, that isn’t my intent.  And I really don’t feel the need to explain myself either.  I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You to those who read and comment on my blog.

Why do I prefer READERS to FOLLOWERS?  Great question.  I spend a LOT of time on my blog and it makes me feel really good when someone leaves me a comment on a review or something that I’ve posted because they took the time to drop by and READ what I’ve got to say.  It makes you feel like your headed in the right direction with your blog when you know you have people who READ what you have to say on a regular basis.  Right now I’ve got a small following of regular READERS that drop by on a regular basis and comment.  LOVE YOU GUYS/GALS!

In NO WAY am I saying that Followers and blog stats aren’t important.  They are, I fully admit that.  But for me personally, right now I blog mostly for myself and those who READ my blog. Right now, all that other stuff is just that stuff.

I read a post recently about how to get Blog Followers versus Blog Readers.  I really enjoyed the article.  It’s actually one of the posts that pushed me to become a follower of that blogger’s blog.  All of the suggestions are great suggestions…Twitter, Facebook, email, comments…3 out of the 4 I’m TERRIBLE at.  I’m working on being a better commenter.  When I post a post the link is automatically sent to my Twitter account and my Facebook account, but beyond that I’m failing on my failboat with those forms of social media as well.  But my main focus right now is to better my content on my blogs. Followed closely by getting better at all of those things.

So what do YOU think?  Do you prefer READERS to FOLLOWERS?  What are your thoughts on the GFC Follower widget?  Do you think I’m splitting hairs?


4 thoughts on “Discussion Post ~ Why I PREFER readers to followers

  1. Excellent point–focusing on the number of followers leaves one feeling competitive and icky, when it feels so GOOD to have people comment and engage with you on a post you slaved over. Happy wordpress blogging!

  2. I fully agree! GFC is one of the big reasons I left blogger for wordpress as well! I prefer Readers over Followers even if I now see that some of the publishing world doesn’t always agree. But I prefer following blogs via email and actually reading the content; and I hope my Readers do too.

  3. sorry, my comment is not related to this post. I cannot see where I am supposed to add my review for the Support Your Library Challenge. I thought you were the hostess, but I don’t see any clear icon anywhere, unless I need to change my glasses. thanks for telling me

  4. YES! I just read this in my reader – I follow you via RSS, and had to comment. I moved from blogger to wordpress.org in Julyish 2011, and I’ve been nothing but happier for it. Even though I movef the GFC widget over with me, ever since Google made it clear that GFC is going the way of the Dodo bird I’ve taken it off my site and now I know exactly how many people follow my feed and I’ve gotten an incredible increase in email subscriptions. I feel this is a positive step – GFC is a nice safety net.. people can click once and it makes a nice number with pictures for pubs to glance at. But I don’t think it’s an accurate portrayal of blog participation or viewership in most cases. I wish Blogger blogs (more of them) would ditch it as well. I would much rather have readers than just followers. Although I’m extra super grateful for those who choose to comment and let me know their thoughts 😀

    Rock on!
    April @ My Shelf Confessions

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