Book Review ~ Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders, #3)Title: Cowgirl Up and Ride
Author: Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders #3
Release Date: March 18, 2008
Format Reviewed: E-Book
Source: Purchased



Ridin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in love.

A Rough Riders book.

Goody-two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as more than the neighbor girl in pigtails. Now that she?s old enough to stake her claim on him, she?s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell-bent for leather?straight for his libido.

Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off all women until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride bareback and he realizes she doesn’t mean horses or bulls. Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch, missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins, Cord is more than willing to take AJ up on her offer. On a trial basis.

The fun and games tie them both up in knots. AJ isn’t willing to settle for less than the whole shootin match with her western knight. But for Cord, even though the sexy cowgirl sets his blood ablaze, he?s determined to resist her efforts to lasso his battered heart.

Sweet, determined AJ has the power to heal or heel the gruff cowboy unless Cord’s pride keeps him from admitting their relationship is more than a simple roll in the hay.

Warning: this book contains: raunchy sex scenes that’ll work you into a lather faster than a winded horse, graphic language, resourceful use of baling twine, menage a trois, menage a quatage, and yippee! hot nekkid man-on-man-lovin’.


I found Lorelei James’ webpage the other day…that is were I went “wrong.”  As always I found very useful information on Ms. James’ wepage…the next installment of this really HOT series will be available on December 6.  But getting back to the book at hand.

Our heroine Amy Jo Foster, or AJ, has been in love with Cord McKay since she’s been 5 years old.  The problem is that Cord has always just thought of her as his little sisters best friend.  So things weren’t looking to good on the romance front for AJ.  That’s when AJ makes up her mind to in a sense “play dirty” to get her man.

Cord McKay is a divorced rancher who is 13 years AJ’s senior.  Add in the fact that Cord is still dealing with the fact that his ex-wife just picked-up, packed-up and walked out on him.  Leaving him to be mom and dad to their infant son.  As a result of his ex-wife, Cord has pretty much sworn off of women and love all together.

That is until AJ makes him an offer he can’t refuse.  See AJ is innocent in so many ways and wants Cord to “educate” her specifically in the area of sex.  Cord lays down the law in his domineering way and that is when Cord and AJ start setting the sheets, barn, truck and various other places on fire. Personal favorite sex scene is the popsicle scene! For me, it’s up there with “Chapter 32” in the Night Huntress series.

With all the INTENSE sexual action that takes place in this book there were a lot of light-hearted scenes to take the edge off as well.  One of my favorite scenes is Liza’s Bachelorette party.  I laughed out loud it was sooo funny.

Another thing that I really liked about this book was that there was a side story going on that builds up to the next book in the series.  I really liked that aspect a lot.  Can hardly wait to get my hands on Kade’s story!

If you aren’t into REALLY INCREDIBLY HOT SEX (sometimes raunchy) and graphic language, then this book isn’t for you. If you are and you haven’t read anything by this author, do so RIGHT NOW!


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